A Dublin Destination I Loved: The Gutter Bookshop


As I’ve been crowing about for a week now, I spent my Thanksgiving holiday across the pond in Dublin. On my first night there, I wandered the streets of Temple Bar (like any good tourist) and found my way to The Gutter Bookshop, so named for the Oscar Wilde quote that graces my new favorite mug.

They even had a book club meeting going on – which I hung around to listen in on. Afterward, one of the participants and I got into a conversation, and they asked about my book, and we talked about books, and I even got to autograph one of my author business cards for someone! I walked out with a terrific new read (The Improbability of Love by Hannah Rothschild) and a warm author-ly glow and it was just the cherry on top of my big Irish sundae.



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