#TalkLikeAPirateDay? I’m All In!


Well, wouldja lookit that! It’s a pirate ship, right there on my cover! “But I thought this book was about a girl who step through mirrors into other realities,” you cry! (I can practically hear you crying it…)

And yes, Jessa most certainly does that – once Finn shows her how. And while traveling into other realities (and stepping into the bodies of many other Jessas) is all kinds of exciting, Jessa decides to take a little side-trip on her own to a rather fantastical steampunk world where she runs smack into Finn’s piratical alter-ego.

This is no smelly, unkempt, gold-toothed brigand, either. Oh no, Pirate Finn comes with a lethal dose of charm and enough sex appeal to ignite the atmosphere every time he appears on the page.

Good Looking Young Man in Pirate Fashion Outfit Sitting next to Table

Jessa finds herself utterly bemused by one witty, clever, incredibly dashing pirate, and her world (and ours!) will never be the same again.

Traveler breaks in less than five months – and you can pre-order your copy here!

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