I’m Carefully Disorganized


I have been reduced to a pile of post-it notes of varying sizes, scattered papers, a battered journal with Marvel characters on the front, and a handful of assorted .doc files.

This is all I am right now. Bits and pieces of brilliance and pages of semi-worthless crap that all have to be integrated, solidified, edited and rewritten.

And all with a looming deadline.

Now is the time when you reread your manuscript and ask all the questions you think a reader might ask. And you realize you didn’t give them enough information. Or you overdid it and gave them too much too early. In short, you realize you didn’t do what you thought you did and you aren’t nearly as good at this as you hoped you were.

Writing is brutal business. But it is business and I need to get it done.

Back to the drawing board. If I can find my latest stack of post-it notes, that is….

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