Can You Write 15,000 Words In A Weekend? #amwriting


The short answer to that question is “Yes.” Yes, it is entirely possible to write 15,000 words in one weekend. It takes discipline. It takes focus. It takes buns of steel.

I mean that quite literally. My butt kept falling asleep because I was writing so long. I had to set a timer so I’d remember to get up and give my legs some blood circulation. 

But I was in a groove and when the groove strikes, you go with the groove. I put over 15,000 new words in my draft, and by Sunday evening, I was a mostly babbling idiot. But I did it.

Whether or not they’re good words remains to be seen. And I try not to deflate myself with the sure knowledge that 15,000 words in the hands of a good editor (and I have a good editor) is more like 10,000 words and some rewriting.

The point is, I set a goal, and I did it.

Yay me.

Now if only I could feel my butt….

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