A To Z Challenge: N Is For Nope


Okay, so I fell off the map last week. You’ll have to excuse me, but a whole bunch of stuff hit at once, the day job heated up, and I had to prioritize. The blog is fun, but it’s not payin’ the bills, if you know what I mean.

One of the hardest things I’ve learned in being a working, published writer is the importance of saying “Nope.”

You simply have to prioritize and you must stay focused on what you need to get done or it will never, ever get done. I spent years working frantically in twelve different directions, only to have a dozen really great half-finished projects that no one ever saw.

Writing doesn’t work that way. Or to be more specific, “Working writers who want to be published and paid don’t work that way.”

So I said nope. And I’ll nope out of whatever I have to nope out of when there are deadlines to be met. Of course, N also stands for Neurotic, so I’ll be frantically trying to make it up as soon as I get a moment to breath.

All part and parcel to the writer thing. Phenomenal cosmic world-building power…itty-bitty calendar space.

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