A To Z Blogging Challenge: G Is For Goals


I swore to myself I’d find a way to make time to do this challenge. So what if I’m trying to re-write an ending and hammer out another book at the same time? So what if I blog on FOUR different platforms, carry a full-time day job and have two kids – one of whom has special needs. I got this.

I don’t got this. I don’t got this at all.

I need to get a grip on myself and and I need to compromise. I’ll finish this damn challenge if it kills me, but I can’t necessarily get a post in every day. I’ll have to post when I can, because…priorities.

And a book that I’ve gotten an advance for that will be sitting pretty in a bookstore window in a matter of months is most definitely a priority.

I could abandon this altogether, but I think goals are important. I’m sticking with it, but on my terms. So forgive me, reader, if I get sporadic a time or two (like now). I’m finally, finally, a paid and soon-to-be-published writer. I’m not jeopardizing that and I’m sure you’ll understand.

Goals are a good thing. But they are also a plural thing, and they have to be addressed in priority order.

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