Sometimes Life Kicks You In The Intestines

Woman with stomach ache

Sorry I’ve been scarce this week, but the kids and I took a trip over the weekend that ended up with all of us getting a nice case of food poisoning.

You can imagine the joy of that. Dealing with your own roiling gut is one thing, but dealing with it while you’re cleaning up after your children’s gastro-intestinal issues is a whole ‘nuther animal.


Needless to say, there was precious little writing done. I did come up with a mildly hallucinatory storyline that’s something akin to Alien meets Love Actually, which was a lot cooler sounding in my head as I lay on the bathroom floor.

I think I can confidently write any torturous death scene now. But I am mostly normal-ish today and the writing shall resume with gusto. That is, if I can stop guffawing at that ridiculous stock photo I put on this post. Poor sick woman, holding her stomach in her white clothing on her spotless white couch. ‘Cause that’s exactly where you want to be until the Immodium kicks in.

Onward. Laps were meant for laptops, not my forehead as I sweat profusely.

1500 words tonight.

So let it be written.

So let it be done.

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