A New Way To Outline That Really Helped Me

Happy woman with big notepad

Okay, I had to use this pic because I find it hilarious. Yes, that’s exactly how I look when I’m writing. All the time.

This weekend was no exception. I was determined to get a solid outline done on at least two major projects, and hopefully move on to outline a third if I could find the time, and I was just hitting a wall with some of it. Make that most of it.

Then I got a great tip in a writing community I frequent that really helped me get a grip on this stuff.

Write a 100 word synopsis of your story.

Then break that synopsis down into a 100 word synopsis of the beginning, another 100 word synopsis of the middle, and a 100 word synopsis of the end.

From there I was able to build a solid, viable outline that got me on track faster, and made it mentally a lot more do-able, just by doing it 100 words at a time.

It’s similar to the Snowflake Method of writing novel, but not nearly as detailed and involved. Just a quick way to set structure, which is all I really need.

Just wanted to share because it really did help me. And now I’ll get back to writing instead of staring dreamily off into space with a pen artfully poised at my lips.

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