MasterClass Monday: Are You There Writers? It’s Judy Blume


The very first Judy Blume book I ever read was “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” and I remember at the time being very firmly convinced that the author was twelve years old. Then I read “Forever” and I was equally convinced she was seventeen. Then I read “Wifey” and was absolutely sure she was a middle-aged housewife.

And yeah, I’m dating myself with some of those titles, I know. But her frank conversational style, and her ability to tap into themes that all ages can relate to make her writing shine, and the fact that she’s been equally successful writing for the children’s, YA and adult markets makes her my personal hero.

Judy has a whole page full of great writing and being-a-writer tips on her webpage, but I also want to share with you this Scholastic interview, because she’s got so much great stuff in there, as well, like this gem:

“Keep writing! Don’t let anyone ever discourage you. Just keep on going, because you can’t help yourself. You have to write! No one chooses to become a writer. You write because you can’t not write.”

Judy Blume’s work has stood the test of time and remained both relevant and entertaining to more than one generation. I only hope I can have that kind of perseverance, creativity and longevity.

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