Would You Like Another Peek At “Traveler?”

(Cover design not final)

In this scene, Jessa is just starting to get to know the mysterious Finn, who walked (literally) right out of her dreams. Her brother Danny has some interesting insight into the blossoming relationship….

“Danny!” I try to roll him off me, but it’s nearly impossible. He’s pinning me down and Finn is no help because he’s completely incapacitated with laughter.
“Don’t encourage him,” I say grumpily.
That sends Finn off into even more laughter, and Danny, who loves a good laugh, is joining in. I finally manage to pull myself out of the pile and simultaneously roll Danny off into the grass, where we all lie, still laughing.
Finally, I take a deep breath, and in my most parental, instructive voice, I talk to my brother.
“Danny,” I say, “It’s not good manners to jump on someone like that, okay?”
“Did you have bad manners? When you jumped on Finn?”
I roll my eyes, mostly because Finn is sitting up and looking at me in a very smug way that makes me itch to hit him with the soccer ball again.
“Yes, Danny. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“You hit him with the ball,” Danny reminds me.
“Yes, I did.”
“Yes, you did,” says Finn, clearly enjoying my brother pointing out my transgressions.
“You’re in trouble, Jessa,” Danny adds. “You’re in trouble Jessa Emeline St. Clair.”
I groan audibly.
Emeline?” Finn is smirking now.
“That’s her trouble name,” Danny supplies. “Jessa Emeline St. Clair.”
Finn raises his eyebrows, so I explain. “Whenever Mom used to get really mad at us when we were kids, she’d use all three of our names. The dreaded ‘triple name’. You had to really be in trouble if she used it.”
“Emeline.” He’s nodding to himself, as if he thinks it suits me somehow, which irks me to no end.
“So what’s your middle name?” I ask him. “Irving? Hubert? Darth?”
He shakes his head. “I’m just Finn. Nothing else.”
“No middle name?”
“No middle name.”
“Finn is his trouble name?” Danny asks.
I pick up the soccer ball, narrowing my eyes in a threatening manner at Finn’s smug face.
“Yes, Danny. ‘Finn’ means trouble.”
I shake my head, trying to forget the way his chest felt, pressed against mine, or how incredibly long his lashes were.
Finn means trouble.

I am knee-deep in edits right now (which is better than chin-deep, so I’m making progress!) and we’re on track for Traveler to break around this time next year! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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