So I’ve Read My Edit Letter And Let It Soak In…

I finally sat down and read my edit letter, in its entirety, telling myself to keep an open mind as they flogged and eviscerated my baby, reminding myself that all of this was good and needful because my editors have “professional eyes” and know what makes a good book and how to make a good writer into a great writer.

I am occasionally very, very right, and this was one of those occasions.

This letter was spot-on.

A good half the things they pointed out, I’ve already worked out of or changed around in the manuscript since the time that they called to make the offer. The rest of the edits were either flat-out right, incredibly intriguing (they presented some food for thought that got me hungry – really, really hungry) or led my mind into an awesome new avenue at that point in the story that I can’t wait to discuss with them.

Holy cow.

The book was good. I would never have poured my heart and soul into it and pitched it with such gusto if I didn’t believe that. But this? This will make it great.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am by what this letter ripped out of my brain. And I couldn’t wait to get back to the rewrites, which I have been cheerfully knocking around ever since I read the letter.

My mind is churning, my editors are brilliant, and Traveler will be one amazing book.

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