The Edit Letter Is Here

Proofreading red pencil

That’s right – after months of anticipation, it’s finally, finally here. Actually, my editor handed it off just before the holidays and I’ll make a small confession: I haven’t looked at it yet.

(Holly and Lauren, if you’re reading this…breathe. It’s chill.)

With the hubbub of the holidays, and the joy (?) of being trapped in a house with a couple of stir-crazy kids on winter break, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to give it a thorough read or get a substantive word written. So I deliberately tucked it away in the binder with my printed manuscript, and tonight, it gets pulled out.

The kids are off to spend the rest of break with their Dad, and I’m going to have five days and nights of quiet (aside from the occasional fighting or singing cat), and stuff will get done. Oh yes, it will. Stuff. Lots of it.

Some writers gets panic attacks thinking about how an editor wants to “change” their book. I don’t look at it this way. Suggesting some new direction or asking me to take a second look at a scene and revamp only gets my creative juices flowing. And my editors have been so great about give and take – if I think they’re trying to take my story completely off the rails, I know I can push back and they’ll listen to what I have to say.

It’s a collaboration, and I can’t wait to get up to my elbows in it. Anticipation is a heady thing.

Bring on the edit letter!

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