Masterclass Monday: Pete Hautman Keeps It Simple


In this week’s Master Class features one of my daughter’s favorite authors (and a favorite of mine as well!), Pete Hautman.

If you haven’t read Pete’s books, start now. He’s quintessential YA, some with fresh new takes onΒ dystopian themes (read “Rash”) Β and he’s been prolifically writing since the early eighties.

He put together a whole page of writing tips on his website, and while they’re all good (and simply stated), number six really resonated with me (and helped me solve a riddle in a writing project this week):

Start writing with a question. Write toward an answer. If you reach the answer too easily, rephrase your question.

All good books deal with a question, what that question reveals, and a resolution to that question. It’s easy to forget that when you’ve got an idea running through your head, but it’s fundamental and it’s important. I reworked an entire project after reading that and it made such a difference.

You, as the author have all the answers. What you need to work on is that question, and its repurcussions.


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