MasterClass Monday: Joss Whedon Tells It Like It Is #amwriting #YA #writing


You probably know him best from his writing on The Avengers, Toy Story, Firefly and Buffy (among a few dozen other high-profile writing gigs), but did you know that Joss got his start in the biz writing for Roseanne?

Just a neat bit of trivia.

Anyway, Joss is hands-down one of my favorite screen writers. His stories never disappoint, and he writes dialogue like a true master, with heart and heat and poignancy and blazing humor.

So today I’m sharing his Top 10 writing tips – number one of which is “Finish It.”

That was especially appropriate for me this weekend – I literally felt like I was slogging through oatmeal in my brain trying to get a book on its feet, and I wrote badly. I mean, just badly. But I kept writing. And now I’m going back and looking it over and a lot of it is salvageable. With a little re-tooling, it’s coming together. If I’d have waited till I “felt inspired” or even felt like writing, I wouldn’t be as far along as I am.

As a bonus, I’ll throw in Joss’s 5 Things Your Script Has To Have and this awesome little snippet of him talking about his writing process.

Now I have to resist the urge to watch Firefly and get some work done instead.

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