Lesson Learned: Stay With Your Protagonist

One of the things we weeded out of my story was a big plot twist that would have essentially stolen the story from my protagonist and made someone else the hero.

Along with that, I had a really intricate subplot (the time travel I referenced in Tuesday’s post) that I thought added a huge new frontier to the story but again, it was going to take a lot of the focus off the protagonist and put it on somebody else and their cool new ability.

So away they go because (if you’ll allow me to paraphrase Shakespeare), To thine own protagonist be true.

This is the story of Jessa, and something epic that happens in Jessa’s life, and this epic thing explains a lot of odd things that have always been a mystery to Jessa, and it leads to an adventure that changes her life. I won’t disappoint my readers by taking them off the rails with somebody else’s story. That can always happen in a spinoff or something.

From my keyboard to God’s ears….

Anyway, this is Jessa’s story, and it’s staying Jessa’s story. She deserves it.

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