World Building: The Trick Is Using Perspective To Your Advantage


The scene is a beach, on an unnamed planet.

The man studies the item in his hands, sorting through the information in his head as he tries to piece together the story of the item he holds.

What shaped it?

What overwhelming forces molded it into what it is?

And should it be studied carefully and handled with near-reverence? Or dissected for closer observation?

The scene expands, and we now clearly see the item in his hands, and the bigger picture:


The landscape you were just standing in above is really the interior of the geode he holds in his hand. And now he’s not a space explorer holding a mysterious alien artifact, but a geologist, and he’s on a beach in South America somewhere.

But that doesn’t mean he still can’t have a fantastic journey, or that rock isn’t magic.

It’s all in perspective and how you describe, and then reveal that world around him and all the things within him that make his journey uniquely his own.

Just a thought as I look at my character’s world through their eyes – and mine.

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