A To Z Blogging Challenge: G Is For Goals


I swore to myself I’d find a way to make time to do this challenge. So what if I’m trying to re-write an ending and hammer out another book at the same time? So what if I blog on FOUR different platforms, carry a full-time day job and have two kids – one of whom has special needs. I got this.

I don’t got this. I don’t got this at all. Continue reading


A To Z Blogging Challenge: F Is For Fear


[ An excerpt from my upcoming YA novel, Traveler ]

I realize that I must have dozed off, because I’m opening my eyes again. It must have only been for a few seconds. I also realize from the adrenaline pumping in my veins that something has startled me awake.
I lay very, very still, listening.
There it was again. The voices.
They’re getting louder, a lot louder. I can even make out the words.
See…? Footprints. We weren’t over here today, and there was that dust storm yesterday morning. These are fresh.
Keep it down. Let’s start checking the houses.
They’re small feet.
A kid?
Or maybe a girl.
There was a wealth of inflection in that last word that makes my breath freeze in my chest. Continue reading

A to Z Blogging Challenge: E Is For Editor

eI spent the weekend doing one last little cleanup on my book after one more editor read through and had a few more comments to make.

And again, I am amazed by how much you can get out of a fresh set of eyes. Every read-through gives me something else to chew on, every revision makes it all that much better.

That’s not to say I roll over and nod wildly at every single change, mind you. I’m very lucky in that my editors and I have a great working relationship, and I’ve been able to push back on a few points because they were integral to the story in my point of view, and after explanation, they saw where I was going with that. It’s very much a give-and-take and together, we’ve made on hell of a book. Continue reading

A To Z Blogging Challenge: D Is For Destruction



One of the hardest parts about going through the editor revisions on my novel was the amount of sheer destruction that took place.

I had to cut out pieces of scenes (and a couple of entire scenes) and figure out how I was going to put them back in on a re-arranged timeline.

And the hardest, most rotten part of all of that was the fact that some of it just plain didn’t work anymore. It had to go. Continue reading

A To Z Blogging Challenge: C Is For Cat


It’s so quiet in the house when the kids are at their dad’s for the weekend. I consider that prime writing time and I make the most of it. I’ve had some great weekends where I’ve knocked out over 8,000 words and I’ve had some crap weekends where I succumb to the lure of Netflix or stupidly convince myself I can write on the couch with Harry Potter on as “background noise.”

Right. Continue reading

A To Z Blogging Challenge: B Is For Birthday


In my upcoming YA novel, Traveler, my protagonist has a brother on the autism spectrum. This isn’t just because I wanted to throw that in there and portray a person with autism as something other than a supernatural freak or an unemotional human computer. I also very much wanted to show what an impact -for the better – having a brother on the spectrum was for Jessa, my protagonist.

Her resilience, her kindness, her patience and embrace of all different types of people are what help her through this strange new world she’s navigating, and her relationship with her brother is one of the strongest points of the book.

But I’m not talking about that today. Today, my theme is birthday and I want you to meet my inspiration. Continue reading

A To Z Blogging Challenge – Writerbrain: Engage!


This month, I’ll be taking part in the Blogging A-Z challenge. Each day, I have to pick a theme dependent on the letter of the alphabet. That’s the only guideline, and I intend to figure it all out as I go along.

Today, I’m going to talk about my A-Game.

I think this is really important because, as writers, we always feel like we need to be bringing our A-game or we shouldn’t be writing until we’re ready to do that.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned. Continue reading