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BLUE Excerpt: The Book Project

In this scene, Blue and her newly-acquired boyfriend, Devon, are working on a class project that requires them to select a book to preserve for posterity and write a presentation on it. Blue grabs a book from her MLM-loving mother’s bookshelf, and she and Devon brainstorm some talking points until it all takes a turn. “Mindfulness Over Madness: Your Guide to Self-Realization Through Negation Release,” Devon reads. “This is your book?” “It’s one of my mom’s. I had to grab something. Should be easy to talk about.” His brow crinkles… Read more BLUE Excerpt: The Book Project

I’ll Be At The Festival Of Books In The Alleghenies This Weekend

If you’re anywhere near Central Pennsylvania this weekend, don’t miss the Festival Of Books In The Alleghenies. This year’s festival will be held in Ebensburg, PA, and features dozens of authors – including yours truly. I’ll be on the mainstage at 10:45am reading an excerpt from BLUE. And don’t forget to stop by my table at tent #5 afterward and enter to win an advanced copy of BLUE. It’s going to be a great day, with all kinds of fun for the kids, food trucks to gorge yourself on, and… Read more I’ll Be At The Festival Of Books In The Alleghenies This Weekend

Announcing BLUE: The Audiobook!

One of the great regrets of my writing career is that TRAVELER and DREAMER never got published in audio. That decision wasn’t up to me, of course, it was up to Macmillan Publishing. I was a debut author and audiobooks are frightfully expensive to produce, so a good many authors on my particular imprint got no audiobook. I vowed to push for one with BLUE, and my wish came true. BLUE will be released in audio! My narration will be done by the amazing Alison Maglaughlin, who has the absolutely… Read more Announcing BLUE: The Audiobook!

Three Years Ago Today I Was A Panelist at Comic-Con

Ever have a bucket list item become a reality? Ever have two of your wildest dreams come true simultaneously? That was me in 2018. I had always, always dreamed of becoming a published author, and in 2017, I marked that off the bucket list when Macmillan published my YA Fantasy, TRAVELER. I longed to be on a high-level author panel, and was hopeful an invitation would open up somewhere. TRAVELER’s sequel, DREAMER, had just come out when a fellow author approached with an offer I had to pinch myself as… Read more Three Years Ago Today I Was A Panelist at Comic-Con

Let’s Talk About Tropes We Hate

Tropes: you love some – you hate some. And the truth is, tropes appear and reappear in stories for a reason. From the classic Cinderella story to the innocent maid winning the true-loving heart of the bad boy, a trope that is beautifully fleshed out, creatively spun, or turned on its head can rocket a story to greatness. Likewise, a badly written or tiredly overused trope can result in a book being thrown into the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish) pile, and a trope that personally grinds your gears can… Read more Let’s Talk About Tropes We Hate

What’s Up Wednesday

I am neck-deep (and often going under) on the edits of my next first draft. Of course, another story idea just waltzed into my head and started playing hockey with my grey matter, but that’s how it always goes for me. So into the story file with that one while I wrestle the other. In the meantime, we’re finalizing interior, print cover and eBook format for BLUE, as well as book trailer development. I should have some goodies to share with you soon, and we’ll be having ARC giveaways for… Read more What’s Up Wednesday

Print vs. Audio – Where Do You Stand?

I used to be one of those people who would never, I mean absolutely never listen to an audiobook. I knew I’d never have the same level of enjoyment. I loved visualizing as the words came off the page (or my Kindle) and filled my head. I couldn’t imagine hearing it. That wasn’t reading! It would surely lose much in the process. And then . . . I experienced a devastating brain injury that put me in the hospital for a month, and on short-term disability for nearly half a… Read more Print vs. Audio – Where Do You Stand?