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The BLUE Playlist – An Odd Mix

If you’re reading BLUE (or getting ready to), here’s a list of songs that inspired me during the journey as I put BLUE together: Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead – BLUE first chapter. Blue begins her story feeling like she’s got nowhere to run from Maya, and from everyone who’s determined warn her about Maya’s return to school. You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift. This one I picked for Jules. Blue’s best friend isn’t doing much to help the situation, as she seems determined to stir up… Read more The BLUE Playlist – An Odd Mix

Writing Is All About The Journey

Writing has changed my life in oh-so-many ways. When I was young, it was an escape. I grew up in a tiny Southwest town. Other than church, I wasn’t allowed much of a social life, so writing became a way to travel to exciting places and speak out about all kinds of issues and interact with people I didn’t have access to in real life. After high school, I secured my own financial aid and headed off to college where I became (gasp!) a Theatre major. Writing was all about… Read more Writing Is All About The Journey

Goodreads Giveaway for BLUE!

That’s right! Don’t miss your chance to win one of twenty Kindle copies of BLUE – recently named a 2021 NYC Big Book Awards Distinguished Favorite in Young Adult Fiction! Enter here:   Goodreads Book Giveaway BLUE by L.E. DeLano Giveaway ends November 15, 2021. See the giveaway detailsat Goodreads.     Enter Giveaway

BLUE Has Been Named A 2021 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite!

It’s official! BLUE has been named a 2021 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite in Young Adult Fiction. Read the full list here. The competition received hundreds of entries worldwide from traditionally and independently published authors, and from large and small publishing houses. As you can probably guess, I am absolutely over the moon about this. Somebody liked my complicated, layered, quirky little book! Many thanks to the NYC Big Book Awards for this honor.

Pub Day For BLUE!

BLUE is finally out – all except the audiobook, unfortunately. We had a delay in production (thanks COVID!) and hope to have it out within the next few weeks. I’ll make an announcement when it’s available. In the meantime, you can snatch it up in paperback or eBook. Buy Links Here. I’m so glad to share my angry, miserable, hopeful and hilarious story with the world. Be sure and let me know if you guess the twist at the end!

Dream A Little Dream, Or Battling For BLUE

It’s Pub Day Eve for BLUE! I’ve been here twice before in YA (and quite a few more times in other genres), but this one means a hell of a lot to me. You see, BLUE almost never was because I quite nearly ceased to be. Five weeks before DREAMER released in 2018, I was battling for my life against a devastating brain bleed in a hospital room far from home. I survived obviously, but lost the use of the left side of my body. As a single mom with… Read more Dream A Little Dream, Or Battling For BLUE

Blue Excerpt: Blue And Maya

In this excerpt, Blue and Maya are in their first afterschool detention with the school counselor, Mrs. Ramsey, and it’s not going smoothly. Blue is determined to get through this and avoid confrontation, but she has no idea what kind of pressure Maya has being a scholarship student at a wealthy, white private school. “Nobody ever treats her or her family like they don’t belong.” Maya grumbles. “So give her an example,” Mrs. Ramsey encourages. “When did you have to deal with someone treating you badly?” “I’ve been called names.… Read more Blue Excerpt: Blue And Maya

BLUE Excerpt: Jack’s Letter

In this scene, Blue receives a letter from her brother, Jack, who is currently serving a six- month sentence in a boot camp style program for his part in the accident that killed the father of her classmate, Maya. He asks Blue to come and visit him—something she hasn’t yet been able to make herself do. I hold the letter in my hand for a moment, just staring at his familiar scrawl, not really reading the words. There’s an ache in my chest as my eyes begin to focus again… Read more BLUE Excerpt: Jack’s Letter