A To Z Book Review: Evershore by Brandon Sanderson


My letter “E” book for the 2023 A to Z book challenge was EVERSHORE, by Brandon Sanderson. This is a companion book to the SKYWARD series (which I highly recommend) and it did not disappoint. While the series protagonist, Spensa Nightshade, is off spying on opposing alien forces in STARSIGHT, then running from the terrifying Delvers in a bizarre alternate dimension known as The Nowhere in CYTONIC, her fellow Skyward Flight squad members from book one are desperately in search of a way to attain hyperspeed and leave their prison planet, all while battling the domineering Superiority, who is determined to exterminate the human scourge.

EVERSHORE is one of three companion books that give a record of Skyward Flight’s time and activities behind the scenes. This book centers on Jorgen, Skyward Flight Leader and Spensa’s love interest, as he rescues the admiral and tries to forge an alliance with the Kitsen against the Superiority – all while trying to control his erratic new-found Cytonic powers.

None of that will mean a thing to you if you haven’t read the series, so go ahead and do that if you haven’t already. You’ll be very glad you did. Sanderson (aided by Janci Patterson), as usual, skillfully crafts a universe we want to be a part of with compelling, valiant, multi-faceted (and frequently hilarious) characters. Jorgen’s character has had the most growth of the group, and this book just cements my desire to see where he goes and how this story ties up. I’m giving this four stars – mainly because I feel all these companion stories would have been better served woven into the main narrative. I feel like we missed something not seeing them as part of the main series books.

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