My Letter B Read was The Bone Spindle, a fairytale retelling of Sleeping Beauty with a delicious twist: the beauty is a sleeping prince named Briar Rose – and the “Rose” name identifies him as a member of a powerful family of witches blessed with light magic. Fi, historian and cultural anthropologist extraordinaire teams up with treasure hunter Shane (secretly a Princess of a war clan and able to swing an axe like a champ) to go after a hidden treasure in a fallen kingdom. Instead she gets roped into a curse that ties her to the sleeping Briar Rose, setting her up as his one and only savior.

Along the way there is plenty of adventure with booby traps, bloodthirsty witch hunters, calamitous curses, terrible ex-boyfriends, and the looming spectre of the Bone Witch who cursed Briar in the first place. We also meet a mysterious young woman named Red who catches Shane’s eye and pulls her into a mystery set-up for book two.

Overall, this was an enjoyable romp, with lavish world-building, humor and loads of twists and turns. Despite that, it read slow in some sections, and the insta-love Briar had for Fi fell short for me. Still a good read, and I look forward to book two.

Four Stars. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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