A Book Review Roundup

I’m going to be tooting my own horn for a bit, so please indulge me. I’m very grateful to anyone who reads my book, but doubly grateful for those who take the time to review, as well.

Here are a few reviews of BLUE I’d love to share:

“Overall a spellbinding, breathtaking story.” – hecticreadinglife Instagram

“If you are looking for charming and emotionally impactful read then I think Blue is definitely the book for you.” – books4jessica Instagram

“Blue is a complex YA novel that challenges the reader to look at multiple perspectives of a difficult situation. ” – marsupialliterature Instagram

“Where do I start? There were so many turn of events that I couldn’t even fit in a short break from reading. It’s been a while since I’ve felt such an emotional connection to a book.” – Bookish Trisha Blog

“This may be my favorite read of 2021.” – Adventures in Writing Blog

“I highly recommend this enlightening young adult novel full of angst, forgiveness, and guilt by association. The characters are engaging and genuine and the plot is very realistic. I can’t wait to pick up a book by this author again.” – The Eclectic Review Blog

Goodreads Reviews

Amazon Reviews

Major thanks to all of you who’ve reviewed and reposted, retweeted and reblogged. You’re the best!

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