Announcing BLUE: The Audiobook!

One of the great regrets of my writing career is that TRAVELER and DREAMER never got published in audio. That decision wasn’t up to me, of course, it was up to Macmillan Publishing. I was a debut author and audiobooks are frightfully expensive to produce, so a good many authors on my particular imprint got no audiobook.

I vowed to push for one with BLUE, and my wish came true. BLUE will be released in audio!

My narration will be done by the amazing Alison Maglaughlin, who has the absolutely perfect voice for Blue, and all her supporting characters. Even more than that, she gets this story – this multi-layered, sometimes heart-ripping, often hilarious story. Alison is an accomplished Audiobook narrator and podcaster, and working with her has been an outstanding experience.

So get ready for BLUE: the audiobook – coming October 26th!

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