What’s Up Wednesday

I am neck-deep (and often going under) on the edits of my next first draft. Of course, another story idea just waltzed into my head and started playing hockey with my grey matter, but that’s how it always goes for me. So into the story file with that one while I wrestle the other.

In the meantime, we’re finalizing interior, print cover and eBook format for BLUE, as well as book trailer development. I should have some goodies to share with you soon, and we’ll be having ARC giveaways for BLUE in August!

I’m fully vaccinated now, and I’m looking forward to in-person author events as things open back up. You can find info about my upcoming appearances at the Events Page on my website. My launch party for BLUE will be on there shortly, as well as links to the book festivals I’ll be attending. Hope to see you soon!

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