Presenting: My #NaNoWriMo Project

Six continents. Six perilous races. Complete any one of them in the allotted time and win prizes and acclaim. Complete all six in a row, and you become the first person in history to complete the Seventh Race – winning money, glory, and a chance at a far better life anywhere in the world. Only one group of youngers is allowed to compete every year, and Ree is determined to win it all and save herself and her older sister from a life of indentured servitude. She’ll have to watch her back – the others are as determined as she is, and now they’ve all become targets. There’s a sinister reason no one’s won the Seventh Race in the thousand years since its inception – and the secrets unearthed could cost them their lives.

I’ve been living this one in my head for a looong time – can’t wait to write it out! Wish me luck!

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