New Review Up At Tales of the Ravenous Reader


Many thanks to Christy at Tales of the Ravenous Reader for her glowing review of TRAVELER. Much appreciated! And I had to laugh a little at this:

“This is one of the first books I left HUNGRY because the author did such a fabulous job of describing glitter mousse, a dessert from an alternative reality. Lucky for us, the author included the recipe to make it in THIS reality and I am SO down!”

Ah, Glitter Mousse. Food of the gods. My mouth was watering every time I wrote about it – so much so that I called my nephew – he’s a chef – and demanded that he find a way to make it for me, and he did! And it is utterly TO DIE FOR.

The recipe is just an added plus when you buy the book! And that’s on top of flirty Irish pirates, daring adventures, sadder but wiser souls and great nerdy snark!

Read the full review here!



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