When Blue Mancini’s mother picked her name, it ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. A year ago, her brother, Jack, was involved in a car accident that killed the father of Blue’s classmate, Maya Rodriguez. Now Maya has returned to school determined to make Blue’s life a living hell in the aftermath. To add to the misery, Blue has to deal with a demanding mother, a father who’s never around, a drama-addicted best friend, and a secretive new guy who’s determined to make Blue his own personal cheer-up project.

When Maya’s social media taunts and in-person digs finally push Blue to retaliate, they find themselves forced into a project meant to foster cooperation and civility. As the layers of their tangled drama unravel, Blue learns more about Maya’s life—and her own sense of privilege—when secrets are revealed that cast a new perspective on everything in Blue’s world.

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“Overall: 10.00 out of 10. DeLano has an excellent ear for teens’ idiomatic speech . . . This is a fast-paced novel focused more on feelings and the social world of teens . . . An easy read for its intended audience.”
– BookLife Prize by Publisher’s Weekly

“Filled with complex characters that leap off the page, Blue pulls at your heartstrings and refuses to let go.”
– Claire Kann, author of Let’s Talk About Love and If It Makes You Happy

“A fast, interesting story that will appeal to teens . . .
* the characters are well-developed
* tough topics are handled in a realistic manner
* includes backstories/twists that I didn’t see coming
* mental health
* communication
* perspective
* diversity.”

– Amanda C., Librarian and NetGalley Reviewer

“Blue is a complex YA novel that challenges the reader to look at multiple perspectives of a difficult situation. Blue as a main character is really well-written, and the reader can feel her emotions and struggles. Several supporting characters help carry the book, make it easy to stay engaged with the story. . . I think YA readers will really appreciate Blue, and I encourage them to check it out.”
Jennifer C., NetGalley Reviewer