I’m On MTV! Check It Out!


Well, my book cover is, anyway. And well-deserved, if you ask my completely biased opinion. TRAVELER is just gorgeous and a definite eye-catcher, so I was pleased but not outrageously surprised to see it on MTV UK’s list of 20 Of The Most Beautiful Books In The World. 

Of course, all I did was write the story. This magnificent design credit goes to Kathleen Breitenfeld and Rich Deas in the art department at Macmillian, and I owe them the world for giving me a stunning YA debut!



There I Am, Like A Regular Cee-Lebrutty


That’s my picture, right there on the sign. My book is on the shelves and I’m featured on a sign and holy tamales is it still so surreal to me.

I told a friend the other day that authors have their own little corner on immortality. Now and forever, I have a book in print. Whether it fails or flies or falls somewhere in between, it’s been published by a publisher, has a library of Congress number, and somewhere, someone read it and said, “Oh, I love this book.” Continue reading “There I Am, Like A Regular Cee-Lebrutty”