Pub Day! DREAMER Is Finally Here!


Can you believe it! I’m still pinching myself! Can’t wait for you to slide through realities with Jessa and Finn!


Check Out The Swoon Blog For A Little About My Book Journey

I’m guest posting on Swoon Reads today since this is my pub week. Learn a little about my journey (and my book’s journey) in

Oh How Far We’ve Come, My Book And Me

And get a glimpse of my newest aesthetic – featuring tidbits from the book!




Happy Pub Day To Me!! Yeah, baby!!!!


It’s here.

Today is finally, finally here. All the work, the sweat, the frustration, the joy, the tears, the wadded up papers and post-it notes, the dead laptops, the edit letters, the beta readers, the sleepless nights . . . all have reached a culmination, and now my baby is out there navigating the world. I am a published YA author.


I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels. How thrilling. And how. . . terrifying. There will be good reviews. There will be bad reviews. They happen, and I know that one person’s lousy read is someone elses’s favorite book in the world. Continue reading