Scavenger Hunt #Giveaway Going On For TRAVELER At YABC!


Whew! What a pub day, huh? Thank you all so much for your good wishes and shout-outs yesterday. I felt like Cinderella in a sparkly dress and killer glass stilettos all day!

And that’s only the beginning – lots of stuff still going on this week!

Today got a guest blog up at YA Book Central – so hop on over and check out my 5 Reasons Why My Story Had to Be YA.

And while you’re there, be sure and sign up for the Scavenger Hunt giveaway for Traveler!

Congratulations To The Winner Of The Last TRAVELER ARC!


That’s right – the winner of my Advanced Reader Copy has been chosen and it is none other than KenzieJ, who shared this awesome view of an alternate world:

#OnTheOtherSide I’d meet David Gandy and we would dance to Besame Mucho in Florence, Italy.

Thanks so much for your participation, everyone! I had a great time reading everyone’s alternate view!

Can you believe we have little over a week to launch, now? Yikes! It’s scary stuff, but in a great and exciting way. And whoa Nelly do I have some great giveaways (yes, that’s a multiple) to announce for next week!

Stay tuned!

Two Weeks To TRAVELER, And It’s Time For A Giveaway!


Do you see this? Do you see what I’m holding in my hot little hand? Yes, that’s it – the absolute last and final Advanced Reader Copy of TRAVELER – and it can be yours!! I’ll even sign it on the odd chance that I become wildly popular and Disney realizes what a terrific TV show this book would make!



Here’s how you get your grabby mitts on this particular copy: Continue reading

How Would You Like A Free ARC Of TRAVELER? #amreading #goodreads #YA


That’s right! This gorgeous, swirly-blue, heart-clenching adventure can be yours!


But you have to act quick! Head on over to Goodreads and sign up for the giveaway by Friday, December 16th!

Fifteen readers will be holding this stunning cover and leafing through the pages searching for pirates and overly-muscular nerdguys, laughing, gasping, and clutching their poor little shipper hearts – a lot!

What are you waiting for? Don’t put it off to the last minute!


Get it now and nearly two months ahead of all the others!