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Reviews! Reviews! Reviews!

I got a whole slew of recent reviews, so rather than shout them out daily and look like I’m totally full of myself, I’ll link them all here. Thanks so all these great bloggers for reading! And reviewing! Adventures in Writing’s Review of TRAVELER Betwixt These Pages’ Review of TRAVELER The Lit Buzz’s Review of TRAVELER And an excerpt featuring the real star of the book: Glitter Mousse!! Loves Great Reads Features An Excerpt From TRAVELER

Would You Like A Peek At “Traveler?”

In Traveler, Jessa meets Finn, a guy who stepped through a mirror from another reality. He doesn’t talk much about his past, but when he finally decides to open up, Jessa learns a little more about the world he came from. “It all happened when I was a little kid,” he says, “but my Mom used to tell me about what it was like before. It sounded a lot like your life.” “And now?” I’m almost afraid to ask. “Widespread starvation and not a lot of natural resources. The government… Read more Would You Like A Peek At “Traveler?”