They Always Say ‘Write What You Know’

One of the things my editors (and beta readers) really liked about TRAVELER and DREAMER was the relationship between my protagonist, Jessa, and her older brother, Danny.

Danny is a person with autism. And no, it’s not what I like to call “Superhero Aspergers” autism – a trope that gets used and overused a lot, especially in fantasy and sci-fi. You don’t see enough people on the spectrum in books as it is, and a lot of the time when you do they have these superhuman powers and/or are incredibly verbal and pedantic. It’s not very often you read about someone on the spectrum who’s a person of average intelligence but has difficulty with communication and social cues, or overloads on sensory stimulation.

I know all too well how to write that because I live that every day. I have son on the autism spectrum. Continue reading