Heading To Keystone Comic Con? See You There!

And if you can tear yourself away from Joe Manganiello and the casts of Trueblood and The Office (among other squee-worthy celebs), be sure and drop into my panel today at 3pm, where we’ll be discussing world building, and all that entails!



Barnes & Noble B-Fest Signing: 2nd Location!

That’s right – I’m double-booked for Barnes & Noble’s B-Fest, a celebration of YA lit! Come out and see me in the northern Philly ‘burbs at the Plymouth Meeting Store from 12-2pm and we just added the western Philly ‘burbs at their Exton location from 3-5pm!



Hope to see you there!


Happy Pub Day To Me!! Yeah, baby!!!!


It’s here.

Today is finally, finally here. All the work, the sweat, the frustration, the joy, the tears, the wadded up papers and post-it notes, the dead laptops, the edit letters, the beta readers, the sleepless nights . . . all have reached a culmination, and now my baby is out there navigating the world. I am a published YA author.


I cannot begin to tell you how good it feels. How thrilling. And how. . . terrifying. There will be good reviews. There will be bad reviews. They happen, and I know that one person’s lousy read is someone elses’s favorite book in the world. Continue reading

I Can Feel It Comin’ In The Air…On Tuesday


Big news coming people! Terrific, great, awesome kind of news – but I can’t tell ’til Tuesday so you’re just going to have to deal with the cliffhanger!

Speaking of which…

I’m cooking with fire on Dreamer. Holy moley, I wrote such a good scene last night. I mean sooooo good. I was dancing in the kitchen afterward, and I re-read it again this morning to be sure I wasn’t just hallucinating and it’s still hella good. Go me.

So I’m going to spend the rest of the weekend pulling loose threads together and tying them into a pretty bow so I can call Dreamer done (this revision, anyway). Hope you have a great weekend…and stay tuned! Tuesday will be terrific!!