Sharing Another Aesthetic For DREAMER

I shared this out on Instagram a week or so ago and meant to cross-post over to the blog and just plain forgot. You’ll have to excuse me, but I’m seriously flirting with brain fatigue right now. It’s all good – you’ll hear more about why in tomorrow’s post.

Anyway, here’s the aesthetic, giving you a few more glimpses of what you’ll find in DREAMER – enjoy!


My First Aesthetic For DREAMER!

Dreamer Collage-1

There it is in all its glory: my first aesthetic for DREAMER! It’s just a little glimpse of some of the adventures and moments that Jessa gets to experience and of course, you get to tag along! TRAVELER got us started, but DREAMER is when you need to fasten your seatbelt and prepare for one wild ride through the multiverse. Everyone ups their game in this one, and Jessa has to learn to depend on her most valuable resource: herself (or ‘selves’).

I know it’s maddening having to wait for this one to hit the shelves, but I promise, you’re going to be blown away when it does. I am fiercely proud of how DREAMER came out. You’re going to love it!

Another Version Of My Traveler Aesthetic


I did a slightly different version of this on a red background (to symbolize the red door – you’ll get the significance of that once you read the book) but I love the blue version here, as well. It highlights a few of the components (and hearthrobs!) of the story, with the lines of text calling out to a couple of soft and heart-tugging moments.

I’m really digging on the aesthetic thing. I’ve put together a few more that I’ll be unveiling in the weeks surrounding the launch – which is less than a month away!


Yeah, baby!