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Farewell To 2021

What a year it’s been! I started out the year with a manuscript in hand, a posse of great Beta Readers, and a lot of high hopes. I found an outstanding cover and interior designer, and in April, it was Cover Reveal Day for BLUE. From there, I took a breather and hammered away at another manuscript, and also managed to publish three novellas and two novels in another genre under my alter ego pen name. Summer arrived, along with a return to in-person book festivals! I had a great… Read more Farewell To 2021

A Book Review Roundup

I’m going to be tooting my own horn for a bit, so please indulge me. I’m very grateful to anyone who reads my book, but doubly grateful for those who take the time to review, as well. Here are a few reviews of BLUE I’d love to share: “Overall: 10.00 out of 10. DeLano has an excellent ear for teens’ idiomatic speech . . . This is a fast-paced novel focused more on feelings and the social world of teens . . . An easy read for its intended audience.”–… Read more A Book Review Roundup

Where Did I Get The Inspiration For BLUE?

I’m always curious about story origins, and I thought I’d share a bit about this book. BLUE was a blend of two real-life things. First, I had a friend who went through a horrible event. On Christmas Eve, she was driving home from her closing shift at her retail job, it was dark and she was on a rural road. A young man who was intent on ending his own life threw himself in front of her SUV. She couldn’t stop in time, and ended up striking and killing him.… Read more Where Did I Get The Inspiration For BLUE?

BLUE Excerpt: Blue & Jules

In this scene, Blue is returning to school after Holiday break, and unfortunately, so is Maya. My stomach tightens so hard I feel like I’m going to puke. I glance at my phone again, and the texts from last night are still there. Maya’s back at schoolmy mom saw her mom at Target Maya is backdid u see her pic on IG Did you hear about Maya? I shove the phone back down in the pocket of my coat and I blow on my fingers to get them warm. I… Read more BLUE Excerpt: Blue & Jules

The BLUE Playlist – An Odd Mix

If you’re reading BLUE (or getting ready to), here’s a list of songs that inspired me during the journey as I put BLUE together: Another Way Out by Hollywood Undead – BLUE first chapter. Blue begins her story feeling like she’s got nowhere to run from Maya, and from everyone who’s determined warn her about Maya’s return to school. You Need to Calm Down – Taylor Swift. This one I picked for Jules. Blue’s best friend isn’t doing much to help the situation, as she seems determined to stir up… Read more The BLUE Playlist – An Odd Mix

Writing Is All About The Journey

Writing has changed my life in oh-so-many ways. When I was young, it was an escape. I grew up in a tiny Southwest town. Other than church, I wasn’t allowed much of a social life, so writing became a way to travel to exciting places and speak out about all kinds of issues and interact with people I didn’t have access to in real life. After high school, I secured my own financial aid and headed off to college where I became (gasp!) a Theatre major. Writing was all about… Read more Writing Is All About The Journey

Goodreads Giveaway for BLUE!

That’s right! Don’t miss your chance to win one of twenty Kindle copies of BLUE – recently named a 2021 NYC Big Book Awards Distinguished Favorite in Young Adult Fiction! Enter here:   Goodreads Book Giveaway BLUE by L.E. DeLano Giveaway ends November 15, 2021. See the giveaway detailsat Goodreads.     Enter Giveaway