Shhhhh! It’s A Surprise!




Presenting: My Latest Aesthetic For DREAMER


So, what’s going to happen in DREAMER? What sort of worlds will Jessa travel to – and what sort of Jessa will she be when she gets there? Here’s a sneak peek of some of the adventures waiting on the other side of that mirror . . .

Kiss The Book Reviews TRAVELER


Big thanks to Samantha at Kiss The Book for her very complimentary review of TRAVELER!

Kiss the Book is a book review site to help school librarians at any K-12 level find books for their classes and libraries. Their reviews are written by school library professionals and vetted student reviewers, so this is a very treasured thumbs-up.

Here’s an excerpt:

Teens will be instantly drawn into this irresistible read. What girl could resist your dream-guy come to life? Especially in pirate form? The other realities Jessa visits are thought-provoking possibilities about the choices we make and how it changes our lives. The plot is intricate and the pacing is fast. Recommend to both contemporary and fantasy readers.

They also rate the book for age-appropriateness, and it turns out my book has 34 swears.  I guess “crap” counts as a swear word. Who knew? I promise, nothing stronger than hell or damn, if that’s a concern.

Read the entire review (and check out Kiss The Book’s other recommendations) HERE.

Tidbit Tuesday: Finn And Jessa Talk Shoes & Romance

In this excerpt from DREAMER, Finn and Jessa have a little heart-to-heart . . .

“Penny for your thoughts,” he says, rolling onto his side to face me. I roll as well, and we’re just about nose-to-nose.

“You owe me a fortune by now,” I say.

“I’d pay it, and gladly. I can see the play of thoughts across your face, but in many ways you’re still such a mystery. What’s funny?” he asks as he sees my lips twitch into a smile.

“You think I’m a mystery, and I feel like I’ve known you forever. Like we’re two old shoes sitting side by side in the same closet.”

“I’m an old shoe?” He makes an exaggerated face. “Well, that’s not very romantic, is it?”

“It’s romantic,” I defend myself. “It’s wildly romantic. Not everyone gets the luxury of growing old together.”

He bites his lip. “No, I suppose they don’t.”

They have a lot more to say to each other, but you’ll just have to wait. DREAMER will be on the shelves April 10th, but you can pre-order your copy now!

Announcing One Terrific Author Event!


Southeast PA/Philly ‘burbs, we’re coming your way! I’ll be appearing with a few of my fellow MacMillan/Swoon Reads authors on February 18th at   in Wayne, PA for a live discussion, readings and book signings!

Don’t miss the fun with Katy Upperman, Sandy Hall, Karole Cozzo, Devon Taylor and yours truly as we discuss all things writing and then be sure to stick around for some book reading and book signing, as well!

Put it on your calendars – one month and counting!!


What To Do When You’re Sick As A Dog And A Deadline Is Looming

sleep on computer

I spent the whole weekend being sick.

I mean, really, really, badly sick. My acute upper-respiratory infection decided to drop down into my lungs. I was coughing, congested, sneezing, and aching over every single inch of my body. I wanted to guzzle NyQuil and curl up on a heating pad.

But, of course . . . a deadline. At the suggestion of my editor (and it was a good one), I decided to drop one of my major characters and her storyline to simplify things a bit on this next book, and that required a rewrite. I almost had it finished over the holiday break, but just needed to polish it up a bit more.

Alas, by Friday, it was clear I was just too freaking sick. So I sent my editor an email, promising her I’d have the latest revision ready on Monday. I medicated myself and went to bed, and Saturday I woke up even sicker. By Sunday morning, there was still no respite in sight. But guys – I had a deadline. Continue reading