Clearly, I Am Not Meant To Write On Vacation . . .


That, my lovelies, is an elbow. My elbow. Yeah.

And that’s just the inside view. The other side of my arm has bruising that goes down to my wrist.

It all happened on Wednesday. I was camping with my kids and I took my bike to the bathhouse that morning to get a shower. As I was leaving, a family pulled up in a golf cart. I had to crank my bike pedal around and fumbled a bit (c’mon, it was early) then I took off riding, completely forgetting that my towel was slung over the handlebars. It snagged in the wheel (of course) and I flew over the handlebars and hit the road hard. As I rolled painfully to my feet to detangle everything, golf cart Dad turned to his kids and said, “drunk.”

So that was awesome. Continue reading

See You Next Week – I’m On Vacation!


That’s right – I’m outta here! Not going to the beach this time – I’m taking my kids camping! So no internet (well, not much anyway), no TV, just pool time, firelight, and lots and lots of writing. I am determined to finish my first draft of the next book by the end of the week, so while they’re funning and sunning I’ll be mashing my brainmeat. It’s all good.

See you after the 4th!

So It Turns Out I Repeat The Same Repetitive Phrases Repeatedly

Writers block

I just finished slogging through the last of the copyedits for DREAMER, tidying up the occasional continuity question, and addressing all the places I have a repetitive phrase or word.

Oh, Lordy.

I have a problem. Ladies and Gentleman, I am here to confess I have a serious problem. How many times can someone sigh and lean back on a table? Or roll their eyes? Or “snap” when they say something? Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: A Little DREAMER Q&A

The cover announcement for DREAMER breaks on Monday, and I am so freaking excited!!


The final copyedits are done, and now we wait for the ARC. And I know you’re all just burning with curiosity, especially after the way I left off in TRAVELER.

I can’t tell you too much (without TRAVELER spoilers, anyway) but I can share some insights. So here are some of the most frequently asked questions flooding my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook message folder: Continue reading

I Believe In Giving Credit Where It’s Due

Yesterday, I tweeted (and posted to FaceBook) an outstanding Harry Potter-themed cartoon that someone had shared on Reddit.


Hilarious, right! So I tossed it out on Twitter and somehow, I wasn’t the eleventy-billionth person who’d seen it and it got retweeted a metric buttload of times. Which is swell, but the author should be credited. A few people were kind enough to tweet out the source (and I have since retweeted the source twice myself and corrected my Facebook page to reflect the source, as well) but I honestly feel bad that I didn’t think to hunt down the author before I passed it along. I’ve never claimed it was my work, and I assume most people realize that, but credit should be given where it’s due – and up front, if you can.

I’ve seen a couple of my short stories and even long excerpts from my books posted on websites and writing forums before, and it’s flattering, but I wish they’d put my name on there. I worked hard on that stuff. And this artist has worked very hard on those comics – and a whole lot of others.

Seriously, check out the artist’s site! Hysterical fun, and she has lots of great Harry Potter stuff. My apologies to the artist, and thank you, for sharing your work with us!

A Fan Encounter From Across The Pond


An old high school friend and her family are vacationing in Europe, and just happened to be riding a train yesterday with a young girl who was reading my book. My friend reached out via Facebook Messenger to let me know:

This is Elizabeth. She is reading your book while we are our vacation. She wants me to tell you that she loves it!!! She was floored that I knew you. 😊We’ve been to London and thought this was a great place to pose.

How awesome is that? Elizabeth, you (and my good buddy Katrina) just made my day from across an ocean. Thanks so much for reading!!

Tidbit Tuesday: Jessa & Finn & A Story

Stainless Steel Pen Laying on Written Page

In this tidbit from DREAMER, we see Jessa fine-tuning a story she’s written for a scholarship contest, and second-guessing herself, as usual. Finn’s having none of that, of course . . .

“What are you working on now?” he asks, taking off his headphones and moving the DVD player off his lap.

“It’s another story,” I say. “I’m thinking about entering it in a Flash Fiction scholarship contest.”

I can already see the question forming so I answer it before he can ask. “Flash Fiction is a short story that’s usually 500 words or less. You have to tell a lot in very few words.”

“And you could win a scholarship with that?”

“Yeah. It’s for Connecticut College. They’re a private school, and not very big, but their writing program is one of the best around. If I win the scholarship, it’s almost a guarantee that I’ll be offered admission, as long as I keep my grades up.”

“That sounds like a fine idea,” he says. “May I?” He gestures down to my journal and my hand covers it reflexively.

“It’s not very good yet…” Continue reading