What’s Up Wednesday: Near The Finish Line

But it’s only a prelimary race . . .

In other words, the first draft of the next book is done, and I’m frantically finishing up this round of edits. Then off it goes to my editor and I hold my breath and wait. Continue reading


I’ll Be Appearing At Barnes & Noble’s Teen Book Festival!


I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been invited to take part in B-Fest, the teen book festival at Barnes & Noble!

Look for me at their store in Plymouth Meeting, PA on Saturday, September 23rd from 2pm – 4pm. I’ll be signing copies of TRAVELER, answering questions, and if the printing and publishing gods are smiling, I may have have an ARC of DREAMER to give away!



When Irish Ears Are Smiling


Welcome to my life. I am researching and writing my next book, which is based on the gods of ancient Ireland – the Tuatha Dé Danann, to be specific – and name pronunciation is really making my head swim. Not to mention, many of the names of these gods have gone through several iterations, and can be spelled a half-dozen different ways, depending on when in time they were written about, or where in Ireland you find the narrator of the story. Continue reading

Tidbit Tuesday: A First Glimpse Into Another World


In TRAVELER, Jessa learns that her dreams  – the source of most of her imaginative writing – haven’t all been fantasy. In fact, they’ve been a window into all the alternate realities she is capable of traveling to. She’s still not sure at this moment if she really believes it, though, and she decides to dig a little deeper . . .

I’m hit with sudden inspiration and open up my dream journal, reading back over the entries there. It’s not surprising but definitely unsettling. I may not have known Finn’s name, but reading my notes brings the memories of the dreams back, and I connect the fragments easily into a picture of him. Or, more accurately, of us.

I’ve detailed walks in the park, trips to the beach, quiet meetings in coffee shops, and bizarre memories of swimming with dolphins, eating fruit the size of my head, even dancing someplace with palm trees in the background.

And if he’s telling the truth, I’ve lived every bit of it.

Continue reading

Bibliophile Soprano Reviews TRAVELER!


Happy Friday! And it’s a definite happy day for me thanks to this terrific review from Fay at Bibliophile Soprano!

She opened the review with this gem:

“I am in love with this book.
It’s a beautiful kind of love – the one you never saw coming.”

And of course, I am in love with Fay’s review!  Thanks so much for reading and shouting me out! And if you loved TRAVELER, oh honey, are you ever going to love DREAMER.

Read the full review here!