Another Giveaway! Check Out My Guest Post On Dark Faerie Tales!


Many thanks to Bridget from Dark Faerie Tales for hosting my guest post today about the many alternate worlds of TRAVELER!

Here’s a bit:

TRAVELER is one wild ride, and with Finn watching her back, an immortal dream god giving her direction, and her family and best friend as stabilizing forces, Jessa uses her wits and acquired skills to figure her way through this tantalizing and tilted new landscape with a writer’s eye for unfolding adventure.

You can read the whole post here – and I’m happy to say that Dark Faerie Tales is also hosting my giveaway! Here’s your chance to land a free signed copy of TRAVELER! Head over to the site for details!

Tidbit Tuesday: A Bit Of DREAMER And Jessa’s Surprising Performance

One of the admittedly fair criticisms I’ve sometimes heard about TRAVELER is the complete lack of female friends for Jessa. That’s actually by design in the first book – Jessa is an incredible introvert, choosing to live in her stories until Ben becomes a steady buddy and a potential love rival for Finn. I won’t apologize for my love triangle. I love love triangles and mine is not your usual sort of love triangle.

Anyway, I seeded a female friend for Jessa into book one, but she really blooms in DREAMER. So here’s your re-introduction to Olivia, in one of Jessa’s many alternate realities. . .

Olivia finally releases her death grip on my hand and gives me an enormous shove from behind, as an older guy hands me a microphone. A spotlight hits me right in the face and I squint as my eyes adjust. I finally notice the crowd, and they’re all staring at me.

The pieces begin to fall into place.

Oh my God. I’m singing karaoke. In front of people. A lot of people.

I don’t sing.

I mean, I really, really don’t sing. Continue reading

That’s Right – Its A New TRAVELER #Giveaway


You’re reading that correctly! I’m running a giveaway for this awesome pack of goodies:

  • Signed copy of TRAVELER
  • Personal Journal
  • Glitter Mousse scented candle from the Nox To Lumos Candle Co. (If you haven’t read the book yet – Glitter Mousse is a serious addiction!)
  • Set of Antiqued Pirate ship and TRAVELER-themed mirror bookmarks
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card

And how do you get your grubby mitts on all this awesome, you ask? Simple!

Winner will be announced on May 15th! Open to all, so spread the word!



Teen Reads Reviews TRAVELER!


Happy Friday! Hop on over to and check out their stellar review of TRAVELER! Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful descriptions in this book, and I felt as if I could see each and every world that Jessa traveled to. Each world was uniquely different, simultaneously so outlandish, yet intriguing, that I wanted a new book based in every place.”

You can read the full review here. Many thanks to Jessica K for reading and reviewing!

Does TRAVELER Have A Playlist? Of Course It Does!

Music Sound Multimedia Player Concept

I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if there’s a playlist for TRAVELER – and the answer is yes, of course there is! I had even planned to blog about it but just about the time I was ready to do that I got a request from the publisher to do a guest blog at Kindle And Me on the subject as part of a multi-blog tour, so I sent it off that direction along with my other posts and I honestly forgot about it in the whirlwind around the book launch.

Anyway, Kelly and Anjana have a terrific review blog and were kind enough to host my guest post about the TRAVELER playlist and you can read all about it here.

I’m finalizing DREAMER now, and oh, the playlist on this one! Just wait till you hear it!

Do you find that music helps you inhabit your story? Do you have it on while you write or does it run through your mind in the downtime?

What’s Up Wednesday – I’ve Been Busy!


So I’m polishing off the final, final (I hope) edits on DREAMER, and dabbling here and there on the next two projects that have been warring in my head for prominence, when in strolls a third story. A glorious story!

Oh, story . . . leave me alone. Not forever, just long enough to let me put a lid on one of these other stories.

Sometimes, the discipline side of being a writer can be a real pain in the ass. Continue reading

Sometimes You Have To Step Away From The Keyboard & March For What Matters


I didn’t get a lick of writing done on Saturday, because I was slogging through the mud and getting soaked to the skin at the March for Science in Washington D.C. I got to hear Bill Nye and a host of others shout out the wonders of science and the hope for a clean, sustainable planet – it was amazing just being part of it.

Despite the muck and the misery, we were all in great spirits, and the camaraderie and enthusiasm made it an experience I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here’s a picture dump of the day – enjoy! Continue reading