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Audio Studio Voice Recording Sound Wave

I will be offline through the end of the week. Sorry guys, I have a deadline fast approaching and I’m in the home stretch now.


See you on Monday!


What’s Up Wednesday: The Trials That Test Your Soul

I had a book signing on Saturday. Normally that fills me with excitement, and I really, really enjoy getting out there and being able to talk to the readers face-to-face.  But Saturday was hard. My elderly cat, a solid and faithful companion for 15 years, had to be put down on Saturday. I quite literally petted her silky fur, kissed her head, dried my tears, and drove to the book signing.

It was so great being able to talk about my book with new people and signing books for the fan that stopped by. That will never not be great. And I smiled and I thank them sincerely, all the while hoping they couldn’t see how hard I was bleeding on the inside. These are the times that try an authors soul. But they’re also the times that you can draw on and use in a story at a later date. I have a feeling there’s going to be a feline showing up somewhere  in one of my books.

On top of the emotional punch of Saturday, I’m still recuperating from a rather serious injury  and that has been no picnic. These last few weeks have shown me an escalated level of pain, and a whole lot of frustration battling insurance companies. The stress level isn’t exactly conducive to the mindspace I need as I’m finishing up the latest draft on the  next book. that deadline is approaching, so it’s stress on top of stress.

I’ll get through it. I know I will. I’m not inherently someone who wallows in misery – quite frankly I don’t have time for that. and all of it is fabulous writing f fodder, when all is said and done.

I just wish it was done.


Tidbit Tuesday: When There’s More Than One Of You, Life Gets . . .Interesting


In this scene from DREAMER, Jessa is sorting through her latest reality shift, and juggling the thoughts and memories left by her alternate self.

“You hungry, St. Clair?”

Ben’s voice startles me and I look away from my reflection in the window of the bus. It’s field trip day for the Spanish Club, and Ben is sitting next to me as we pull out of the school parking lot.

“Nah,” I tell him. “I’ll eat later.”

“You sure? I’ve got food in my bag.”

“I’m fine.”

“I have Twix in there,” he says.

“Seriously. I’m not hungry.”

“Who are you? And what have you done with Jessa St. Clair?” he quips. “It’s Twix. Twiiiiiix.” He’s waggling his brows and bug-eyed and it makes me laugh.

“It’s seven o’clock in the morning,” I point out.

“So? Twix is the breakfast of champions. Along with a fresh can of Monster.” He holds the can to his lips, draining it with a loud, gusty sigh of refreshment.

I raise my brows and look at him like the crazy person he is. “You do realize you’re going to be ? With no bathroom?”

“Sitting next to you,” he reminds me, with an overemphasized “Ha!” for punctuation. Continue reading